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Separation and Characterization of Viruses and Antibodies

Viruses are the scientific story of 2020 with the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic thrusting them to the forefront of almost every person’s consciousness around the world. Development of antibodies to specific viruses form the core of future immune response. Characterization of viruses, the development of vaccines, and the quantification of antibodies, has become the most important scientific pursuit for many leading labs.

Vaccines can be complex and may contain many species which span a large size range from antibodies, virus fragments such as proteins and nucleic acids, polysaccharide-protein complexes, up to large aggregates often over 100 nm in diameter. This means such samples are challenging to separate and characterize using column-based chromatography techniques.

A new white paper from Postnova Analytics explains and illustrates how Asymmetrical Field Flow Fractionation (AF4) techniques can help researchers in this field as it is a stationary-phase-free separation technique for characterization of polydisperse samples from about 1 nanometer to 1 micron in diameter.